Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Thank you one and all!

Thank you for being so calm and reassuring when you answered my 911 call. Thank you for asking all the right questions to keep me focused and breathing. I was terrified.

Thank you for coming so promptly. It only seemed like forever - it was probably about 5 minutes.

Thank you for being so gentle with my son. He was frightened too. Probably not as frightened as his mom, but scared.

Thank you for not laughing when he scored his pain as a 2. We thought he was just being a tough guy. Fortunately, the truth was that your ice pack was pretty much all the treatment he needed.

I felt so bad when the little guy caught his foot in the strap of my purse and fell headlong onto the concrete garage floor. I was afraid he'd broken a bone or torn ligaments because he hit so hard. When his EMT brother cut away his sweats and we saw the rapidly swelling bruises, he ordered me to the phone to call 911 -- probably as much so Matthew wouldn't see how frightened I was as because we didn't think we could safely move him in one of our vehicles. Matthew thought the ride was "cool" - must be because you were so nice to him. Thanks for that too.