Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Scout is Reverent

There have been many changes since the restructuring of our troop a few months ago. Some are larger than others. I was chatting with the father of our Senior Patrol Leader a few weeks ago. He mentioned that the troop he spent his Scouting years in had begun each meeting with the Lord's Prayer in addition to the Pledge of Allegiance and the Scout Oath, Law, and Motto our troop was already saying.

I liked the idea. I thought it appropriate, since our parish is our sponsoring organization so I mentioned it to another leader, who replied, "We should take that to the Troop Committee."

I told the Scoutmaster who responded, "The committee can't tell me how to run the meetings."

These exchanges were overheard by one of the younger scouts who said, "We don't need anyone's permission to pray. I'll ask the other Scouts what they think."

And so it was done.