Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The Sword

I just came from Maddog Medic's story about Bouncing Babies and Bleeding Heads. I do like happy endings. He reminded me of episode at my house several years ago.

I left my youngest son in the care of his older brothers (then teenagers) while I was taking a shower. As I was getting dressed, the little guy started pounding on the bathroom door:

"Mom! Mom! Big brother cut himself ..........

With a sword!

There's blood everywhere!

3 big puddles!

Needless to say, I wasted NO time getting downstairs where I found.........

Not a drop of blood anywhere and the 2 older boys sitting at the kitchen table calmly discussing whether or not they needed to call 911.

I made the mistake of peeking under the dressing covering the wound. No, that injury didn't need a 911 call, but mom very nearly did. The brother who controlled the bleeding and applied the dressing is now a student in the paramedic program at our local community college. The other one is barely has a scar, despite the many sutures required to close the wound, and he's still collecting swords - but he has learned to be VERY careful with the sharp ones.


Internal Medicine Doctor said...

cool story, I wonder what kind of crazy stuff my young one will get into?

Judy said...

You're better off not knowing in advance. We've been remarkably lucky here with very few injuries requiring medical attention - mom is as likely to be the victim as the kids, though.