Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Life in the Slow Lane: Update

I've put about 250 miles on my car since I last filled it up. The tank is still very close to half full. If my gas gauge is accurate, that would mean I'm getting about 10-12% better gas mileage at 55. That would definitely be worth keeping up with gas prices very close to $3/gallon.

Nobody has run me off the road yet, but my son wonders why people keep giving us dirty looks as they flash past.


Bob said...

I've found that my mileage is just about as good (10 to 20 fewer miles per 26-gallon tank) at an average speed of 75 as it is in daily commuting and running errands, at an average speed of maybe 30 (it's the red lights that bring that number down). And that's with a full-size pickup with a 5.2 liter V-8, automatic transmission, and AC running.

Interestingly, over Memorial Day weekend when I got to check my high-speed mileage most recently, I was by no means the fastest mover on the road.

Judy said...

My mileage is better at 75 than at 30 with red lights also, but my combined city/highway mileage is definitely better when the highway miles are at 55.

It will be a while before I manage an extended all-highway trip at 55, though. That would be the real test.

Pharmamedics said...

My mile age is 60, but my highway is is better when highway miles are at 55 as well.