Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Making a difference

Abbie Armstrong comes from a family with a tradition of changing lives. She's carrying on the tradition - even before she graduates from nursing school.

While still in high school, she was invited to fill an empty seat at a fundraising dinner. The dinner was to benefit the people of the island of Sumba, a small island in Indonesia. No, I never heard of it before I read the story either.

The pictures Abbie saw at that dinner weren't the pretty tourist pictures on the first link. They were the pictures of the indigenous people of the island. The people who have very little in the way of health care - and often not much in the way of clean water or protection from malaria.

Abbie's life was changed forever that night. She decided that she must visit Sumba - and it was arranged. She decided that she could not go empty-handed, so she invited friends and family to donate money, not knowing how it would be spent before she left home. The rest of her story is truly inspirational. Abbie's life has been changed, but not only her life. Read the article to see how one person can make a difference - if they are willing to make the effort.

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