Monday, October 15, 2007

Halloween is coming!

My youngest son has designed his own costumes since he was 5 years old. My job is to help implement them. This gets more challenging every year. Considering that his first (prize-winning) costume was a hammerhead shark, that's saying a lot.

This year I may need to swap him off to someone from the Society for Creative Anachronism as he wants to be a Samurai Warrior. With armor. So far, we've figured out how to build the helmet - recycling the Clone Trooper helmet from a few years ago as a base. He's hoping it will look a little like this one:

which we found on the projects page of Clan Yama Kaminari. He wants the whole shebang, so this is going to turn into a long-term project.

Ideas and helpful hints found here

We won't be using the face guard and our helmet started its life as a green military-style helmet which I spray-painted white for use as a clone trooper. It will change color again in this incarnation. He wants it black this time. My plan is to cover it with wedges of black Duct tape so it has a more authentic appearance than simply spray-painting would provide. Also, this makes it possible to construct the remaining part of the helmet in a manner which will match the top. Pictures to be posted as we make progress.


The MSILF said...

How about a picture of the Hammerhead?

Judy said...

I'll have to find one and scan it in. We still have the costume, but he's a little bigger now.