Wednesday, August 04, 2010

I have an App for that...

I've had a computer much longer than most people. Blame that on a sister who programs microcomputers (now known as desktops and laptops). I've had one that long. Actually, I'm on computer #6, so I'm hardly a luddite.

I did resist one particular tech item for reasons I no longer remember. I have an Ipod touch. It plays music. And videos. And games. It goes everywhere with me.

It has replaced the PDA I used to carry. It has books in it - audio and text. I found a list application (Listomni) that tracks whatever I want to buy as well as books I want to read and movies I want to watch. My calendar is in there, along with my note pad. It has news from the NY times and NPR, among others. Alarm clock, calculator. On and on as I discover previously unnecessary applications that fit in my pocket.

One of the most recent is called SparkPeople. It's an application for tracking food intake and exercise - and weight loss.

I watched a friend drop more than 20 pounds by logging every bite and exercise. It wasn't easy, but she met her goal. She was doing it on paper, though. Not something I'd be able to maintain. I'd spend too much time looking for the notebook - and the calorie counter.

SparkPeople is easy. It's educational - did you know that McD's 12 ounce Mocha Frappe has 450 calories? So does the Caramel Frappe. They don't taste nearly as good once you know, do they?

It has exercise demos, along with estimates of how many calories you burn for cardio. No credit for strength-building exercises, but I can live with that. 30 minutes of mild exercise 3 times/week meets my goal - for now.

I've been using it for a month - not even all the features, just a few basic ones - and am down 6 pounds. SparkPeople is listed on the US News web site in the article "5 weight loss web sites that work"

One of the things I found most attractive was the price. Free.

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