Monday, July 25, 2005

Note to my co-workers

Those folks you think are weird? They just operate from a different set of instructions. They're internally consistent -- and right much more often than you think. No, I'm not "sucking up", I'm learning about THEIR database so I know how to negotiate with them instead of fighting. This isn't about me, it's about that baby in the bed.

Difficult? Them? Some of you folks make them look like angels. Unfortunately some of you folks also provoke bad behavior from them. Difficult? You haven't seen difficult until you've taken care of MY family. Just ask the HMO answer nurse who ignored my mom. Ask the interns and medical students who were involved with my husband's care when he had surgery. Ask the poor suckers who got stuck with me when I had surgery a few years back. Difficult? You don't know how lucky you are.

Negotiating instead of bullying, there's a concept. Did you notice that they've gotten more compliant with the plan of care? Did you notice that the baby is gaining weight now? Did you notice that she's doing better?

No it's not always easy, but the baby is winning. Besides, I've found that the parents are interesting, intelligent people with some ideas that could make for better care for some of our other patients. Yes, I know some of you have always thought I'm a little weird too.


Dr. Charles said...

negotiation, what a quaint notion in healthcare. would be good to remember that i agree. laughed at the gmail reminder!

Judy said...

Reading your blog I get the definite idea that negotiation isn't a foreign concept. If only I could beat that into some of my colleagues. I suppose I should consider negotiating with some of them, too.