Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Interesting Statistic

I finally figured out how to see what sort of Google searches led people to my blog. Nothing shocking or even entertaining there. I suppose that means I'm pretty bland.

The interesting thing about the statistic was HOW MANY times a particular search had led people to my blog. 27 of the last 100 clicks were search engines, mostly Google. 8 of those were queries about childhood immunization. I find that fascinating in view of Shinga's observation In December 2006 about the number of anti-vaccine links vs the number of pro-immunization links and their relative importance in the search engines. Immediately afterward I linked to the first few of Flea's posts on the subject. I need to modify that post, because I failed to keep up with Flea, but I strongly encourage you to link to Flea's posts -- or to similarly well-written posts on the subject of childhood immunization. It seems to have a positive effect on the search engines, if not on the searchers.


Bryan said...

I encouragge everyone on the internet to link to Flea daily

Ann said...

I found you from a Google search for MRSA "infected hair". I've enjoyed learning about life as a NICU nurse--thanks for sharing :)