Thursday, May 17, 2007

Whatever happened to common sense?

I signed up for the Consumer Product Safety Commission's recall list. It's full of gems like dishwashers that can catch fire (didn't buy that model, thank goodness) and children's accessories that are full of lead.

Today's offering had me rolling my eyes.

The headline says:

 (Store name here) Recalls Children's Capri Pants Due to Choking Hazard;
I thought they must be infant, or at least toddler sizes. Nope. The smallest size is 4. These are girls' size 4-8 pants and the buttons are ON THE INSIDE. They are stitched to the waistband and there is an elastic strip for adjusting the waist.

I suppose younger siblings may be chewing the buttons off. Heaven knows my sons chewed buttons off their shirts at this age, but pants? and inside, no less.

Why not just check to see if the buttons are loose and re-stitch them if they are. That's what I did with my sons' shirts. Of course I wasn't likely to sue myself.

Oh, and if you want to know what else has been recalled, you can sign up for the daily emails at  

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