Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sumdood makes an appearance

Warning to anyone who might be standing on the corner minding their own business. Sumdood is tough.

Actually, I've only watched him spar, I've never seen him in serious action. I expect that's the story those 2 guys told when they got to the ER. Just standing on the corner, minding my own business, when Sumdood smacked me around.

His side of the story was a little different. According to HIM, he was just walking down the street minding his own business when 2 mouth-breathers about his size (not small) approached him and demanded his wallet. He said he only had a couple of dollars in it and was afraid they'd just be pissed if he gave it to them. So he said, "No." and kept walking. He was in a public place with people nearby, and it was daylight, so he figured they'd just move on.

Nope. Mouth-breathing type #1 shoved him up against the wall of the adjacent building and again demanded the (nearly empty) wallet. He backhanded MB#1 and kept walking. I'd have thought the man could feel the muscle behind the backhand, but I suppose he was adequately self-medicated and didn't notice.

MB#1 took offense at being denied twice and swung. Block, crunch & MB#1 was sitting on the sidewalk whimpering.

Next, MB#2 decided to swing. Rinse and repeat. Definitely felt crunch of ribs fracturing that time. Result: 2 mouthbreathers sitting on the sidewalk whimpering. He's pretty sure their story when they got to the ER was that they'd only had a couple of beers and they were standing on the corner, minding their own business..........

No. He didn't call 911 for them. Not his town and he didn't feel like explaining. They were breathing - rather loudly - when he left them. It was daylight, and there were people around.


The MSILF said...

Ah yes, if one were to believe the statistics, the most dangerous activity in the entire world is, of course, "Just standing around, minding my own business, not doing anything to bother anyone."

Scott said...

Ha ha ha! That naughty Sumdood!

Judy said...

Naughty indeed, but I suspect only one of Sumdood's alter egos. He quickly morphs back into his street presence of Teddy Bear.

1389 said...

There's also Sumdood's buddy, "Nobody" - a very prolific scavenger and thief.

Whenever anything belonging to me goes missing, I ask if anyone knows where it might be. The answer is always the same:

"Nobody could have taken it..."