Sunday, September 09, 2007

Driver's Ed

It was many years ago, but some things you don't forget.

My driver's ed instructor was full of useful bits of information:

Buckle your seat belt

He was right, of course. I've only crash-tested one seat belt, but the only damage to me was a bruise where my medic-alert tag got caught under the seat belt. Now the first thing I do after buckling up is find the damn thing and make sure it's ON TOP of the seat belt. Makes one hell of a bruise if you don't.

When parallel parking, back up until the back of your rear passenger door (or equivalent spot in a 2-door) just passes the rear bumper of the car in front of your space before cutting your rear wheels toward the curb (front wheels away). Start turning your steering wheel back the other way shortly before BEFORE your front bumper passes the rear bumper of the other car.

Works. I back in, pull up a little and am perfectly parked every time.

Don't run over ANYTHING, not even a paper bag. There could be a human head in it.

Colorful way of making sure I don't run over paper bags. Can't do it - not even 30+ years later.

If you're on a 2-lane road and someone is coming at you head-on, brake and stay in your own lane. Don't pull to the left or to the right, because the driver who is in the wrong lane will choose one of those most of the time.

I don't know where he got his statistics, but the only opportunity I had to test his theory, the other driver passed me at very high speed on my right - yes, going the opposite direction. I don't want another opportunity. NEVER.

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Dr. Momentum said...

Great advice that I plan to pass on. I barely remember anything my driving instructor told me. I remember some stuff my dad told me though. Always know what the cars around you are doing. Use your mirrors. etc.