Friday, April 25, 2008

Captain Barbecue hangs a chicken

Neumed left a comment on a previous post in which he mentions cooking a chicken on a string. That sounded like too much fun, so I had to go looking and found Captain Barbecue. What a hoot!

I also found William Rubel who has written an entire book about hearth and campfire cooking. Now I know what to ask my kids to buy for Mother's Day.

It does look fun -- and quite tasty. Most Boy Scout camping areas don't permit open fire cooking any more, but there are a few places left -- including a local park with fire rings. I'll be passing this along to our troop Quartermaster and cooking instructor.

As a side note, parts of the Captain Barbecue web site might be considered naughty. Not quite R naughty, but definitely PG-13+ naughty.


mjfrombuffalo said...

"Most Boy Scout camping areas don't permit open fire cooking any more..."

Wow. That is really sad. Open-fire cooking was one of the best features of camping when I was a Girl Scout.

Judy said...

Their emphasis on "leave no trace" doesn't leave a lot of room for open fire cooking in areas which are heavily used. Those places which still permit it either want you to bring your own wood or provide pre-cut wood for you. No gathering in the woods.

Melissa Markham said...

That is a cool way to cook a chicken!

Anonymous said...

Captain BBQ!!! I love the little cartoon interlude!!!