Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Legos! We got Legos!

Legos coming out our ears -- and more on the way.

My youngest son is enthralled by them and wants to display his models. The problem? Finding reasonably priced shelves that are deep enough to hold them all. Some of them are pretty big.

I did find shelves that are deep enough - and not terribly expensive, but the shelf is basically an open grating with holes bigger than 1 inch across. Not the best place to store Lego figures. They'd just fall through.

To solve this problem, I bought poster board and something called Magic Cover (think Contact Paper). It is marked in inches, centimeters, and half-inch squares. I cut the poster board to cover the holes in the shelves, piecing it to make it cover the holes.

I joined it with clear packing tape, then topped it with the Magic Cover cut about 3 inches longer and wider than the poster board (about 1.5 inches on each side). This pattern is called Granite Silver.

Magic Cover, like other self-adhesive plastic products is tricky to handle. You need to peel back about 3/4 inch and fold back the backing. Line it up and stick down the uncovered part, then VERY carefully pull off the rest of the backing slowly, smoothing it in place as you go. Next we assemble the shelves and my son gets to gather his Lego models from all over my house.

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My Heart On My Sleeve said...

I wanna see Lego Models!! Pictures please???