Monday, January 28, 2008

New Record

I looked over at the charge nurse and said, "It's really quiet in here tonight."

When the pediatric resident sauntered in to talk to the nurse practitioner about a baby who needed to be transferred from the well-baby nursery I looked at the clock.

"Almost exactly 20 minutes, wasn't it?" was her response.

She let me take the admission.


NICU101 said...

In ob they always say "Never comment about the board." I guess this applies in the nicu too!


Judy said...

And I'm sure if you did a study you'd find selective memory. I know I've said the "Q" word many times to no effect.

Kellie said...

LOL...famous last words in the NICU. One of our RNs said the "Q" word a few weekends ago and within the hour we had two kiddos going down the tubes that were previously doing fair.

It has all but been abolished as a phrase in our NICU ;)