Friday, January 18, 2008

Mother of the year. Again.

Actual conversation:

9:00 pm: "Mom, can I watch Mythbusters, it's a new one."

"I suppose so, but you have to go to bed right after."

10:00 pm, "Mom, I think I'm going to throw up."

"Do it upstairs"

7:40 am next morning "Mom, I don't feel so good."

"You were well enough to turn on the television after breakfast. Get in the car. We have homeschool co-op today."

8:15 am - child flies out of chapel and shortly afterwards reports that he did in fact throw up. I'd have been skeptical, but by that time he was also complaining that his legs were "vibrating" and he was several shades paler than when he'd gotten in the car.


Homeschool Help Web said...

Aw, poor M! Hope he feels better soon!

(We had a teen throw up right in the middle of worship last Sunday morning, how fun is that? Glad it wasn't mine!)


Judy said...

He'll live. I always feel bad when I think he's dawdling and he's actually sick.