Thursday, July 26, 2007

One of my co-workers told me about an organization called Adopt a Platoon which matches deployed troops with individuals, families, and organizations in the US who send letters and care packages. She's been doing it for a while.

They're very careful to protect the identities and addresses of our troops, so it can take a while to get cleared by the organization. I got home from the hospital last night to find my acceptance notice from them. The first letter will go out in the mail today. The first care package will go early next week. After that, letters at least weekly and care packages at least monthly.

They have lists of suggested (and prohibited) items so I'll have a clue where to start - and in case our troop isn't able to let us know what he or she really needs. I plan to send a check list in each package with a self-addressed envelope that simply lists the contents with a spot to check "send more soon, send more later, and send something else instead." I hope he or she will not worry that our feelings will be hurt by checking that last one, because I'd much rather send things that are wanted or needed. I want to keep it really simple, because his/her free time can be better spent writing home than writing me.

There are tips on the web site I'd never have considered - like newspaper not only makes good cushioning material for care packages, but may serve double duty as reading material when it gets there. That means my local newspaper would probably be a better choice than the larger city paper to which I also subscribe, except perhaps for the city paper's comics.


Donna Perry said...

Judy, This organization is one of the most organized and wonderful ones out there for our soldiers. You won't be disappointed. The people who oversee this are all wonderful people who donate alot of their time and efforts. Good luck with your soldier. They do appreciate all that is done for them.

Judy said...

We haven't been disappointed. The folks at adoptaplatoon have made this an easy project for us.