Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sextuplet Buzz

A lot of hits here are people looking for updates on the Masche and Morrison Sextuplets. The Masche family updated their web site last week. It's on the newsletter link (left side of the page). They have new photos of the babies as well, if you're curious. In the photos, I see that the babies are still in incubators - no surprise, given the sizes listed in the newsletter. They're growing, but still small. They have feeding tubes and monitors, and according to the newsletter, Cole will need some sort of surgery on his colon - no details given. The family requests that the pictures not be forwarded, but they've been very generous in posting pictures on their web site and it must have enormous bandwidth to still be up at this point. They expect to start bringing home the most stable babies in 2-3 weeks, or shortly before what would have been the due date for a singleton pregnancy. The Maches have huge challenges ahead even if the babies have no developmental delays or other issues related to prematurity.

I haven't found any updates on the remaining Morrison Sextuplets, but their photographer friend had posted a short note on July 5th stating that there would be an update soon from the family. Your best bet for news about them will probably be the Morrison6 web site. I'm sure both families will appreciate your ongoing prayers.

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