Friday, July 20, 2007

Overheard in the Cardiologist's Office

My husband had a marathon appointment today. He hadn't been in 3 years so they did the WHOLE workup. He wasn't sure what some of it was, so I guess I'll find out when the bills come. At least the cardiologist didn't stop him at the door and tell him to go straight to the hospital.

So I sat in the waiting room with and without him for over 3 hours while the testing was done.

Secretary (on the phone): "You have some tests scheduled for Monday. I have just a couple of questions for you."

"How tall are you?"

"How much do you weigh?......No, I can't write that down. I need a number - it will be just between you and me.........No, I won't post it on the internet. Have a nice day."

And later - conversation between 2 of the front desk personnel:

Secretary 1: "Oh, my face just went numb. It isn't drooping or anything is it?"

Secretary 2: "No. It looks fine."

S1: "It's gone now. I guess it was a TIA."

S2: "Let me look at your eyes. Your pupils are equal. It wasn't a TIA. You'll be fine."

Alrighty then. I think if I worked in a cardiologist's office, I'd want an opinion from someone with just a smidge more medical training than the front desk folks. I'm sure they pick up a lot from hanging around the office, but I'm anal like that.

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