Thursday, July 19, 2007

Some people sure are gullible

There's a "children's book" being discussed in several places on the internet. It allegedly has the title Thanks for Dying Jesus and subtitled This Candy Sure is Awesome.

The folks who posted the image to their web sites apparently failed to notice the web site in the lower left corner of the image. It's called Articles, reviews, images, video. It's all awful.

Don't click if you're easily offended or if there are children in the room. There are 10 pages of "Children's Books" and the Thanks for Dying isn't even the most offensive. Most of the others are funnier, too. You'll find those and lots more under the Photoshop Phriday link

If you google that title, you'll find a host of web pages apparently taking it seriously. Even I'm good enough at photoshop to have managed that one. Some of the others, maybe not.

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